Shiatsu with Empty Touch / Moxa


Activation of self-healing powers

Shiatsu is an independent, self-contained form of holistic, manual body work.

A) What is shiatsu video:

B) Shiatsu basics and practice

The origins of Shiatsu lie in traditional Chinese and Japanese health teachings. Translated into English, shi means finger and atsu means pressure. Pressure in the sense of attentive, mindful touch applied with fingertips, palms, elbows, knees or feet. The intensity of the touch is adapted to the needs of the client. The pressure is exerted using gravity by shifting the body weight from the center of the body, the so-called Hara, of the person being treated.

Shiatsu is practiced on the floor on a mat and also uses a variety of other revitalizing techniques such as stretching, rotation and rocking. Moxibustion - a heat treatment - or cupping can also be used.

The greatest potential of Shiatsu lies in prevention, activating the body's self-healing powers and increasing physical well-being.

In the flow of life

The focus of Shiatsu is the human being. The life energy Qi flows in our meridians and fills us with vitality. Too much of this energy, too little or blocked Qi causes an energetic imbalance in our body, which we perceive individually - for example as tiredness, tension, nervousness, exhaustion or back pain.

In Shiatsu, the person is seen as a whole and the four levels of being - spiritual, mental, emotional and physical - are supported as needed. The in-depth, energetic assessment by the Shiatsu practitioner enables individual treatment tailored to the client. Depending on how they feel, clients are strengthened energetically or blockages are identified and resolved. Qi can flow easily and freely again. This activates the organism's self-healing powers and increases physical well-being.

The special thing about Shiatsu: 

  • Shiatsu practitioners give a special form of attention and care and thus perceive the clients' needs well.
  • Shiatsu takes place in a relaxed, open atmosphere in which there is enough time and space to enable deep relaxation.
  • Shiatsu is a mindful form of encounter and touch.

This is how Shiatsu works: prevention
Shiatsu supports the organism in remaining in harmony and balance. It enables deep relaxation or stimulating activation.

General well-being disorders
Shiatsu can alleviate typical mood disorders such as tiredness, exhaustion, sleep problems, headaches, migraines, depressive moods, sensitivity to the weather or musculoskeletal problems.

Strengthening the immune system
Shiatsu supports the immune system when used regularly.

Support for change
Shiatsu supports transition processes or phases of upheaval – both physical and mental.

Shiatsu helps to become more aware of the body and its signals again.

Shiatsu can (after consultation with the treating doctor) support healing and recovery after accidents or illnesses or complaints of the musculoskeletal system.

Women - even during pregnancy
Shiatsu helps regulate the cycle. Shiatsu is also suitable during pregnancy and as preparation for birth. Shiatsu accompanies women through menopause and leads them to strength, strength and serenity.

Shiatsu helps children maintain their balance and has been proven as a method for treating concentration disorders or hyperactivity.

Source: Shiatsu Austrian umbrella organization

Shiatsu - Empty Touch / Quantum Shiatsu (after Pauline Sasaki)
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In EMPTY TOUCH Shiatsu, the person is seen behind the symptoms and disorders and is perceived not only in their gross materiality but also in their subtle vibration levels of the meridians - not only with regard to the body, but also in relation to the emotions, thoughts and levels of consciousness. In this respect, it is not just about the 'dense' energies, but also about the 'light' energies in life. In an EMPTY TOUCH SHIATSU session, activation impulses are given not only on the meridians themselves, but also without meridians in the energetic spaces of the body as well as in the spaces on and above the body. For example, the meridian forces in the joints (=mini chakras) or in the main chakras are stimulated and connected to them in the physical techniques. It is not uncommon for vibration patterns and inner images to emerge that are useful for the course of treatment and are used specifically, including as a mother's hand function. This gives the aspect of “letting oneself be guided” a new quality or dimension.

An essential and central focus in EMPTY TOUCH Shiatsu is the relationship to those forces that make people healthy (anti-pathogenic) and not the forces that make him sick (= pathogenic). This means that in EMPTY TOUCH SHIATSU we follow the healthy potential (=resource-oriented) and less want to compensate for the disharmony, disturbances or imbalances within the symptoms, illnesses or possible mental crises. Or to put it another way: In EMPTY TOUCH Shiatsu we follow, on the one hand, the universal forces and the universal wisdom of the body, and on the other hand also the mental and spiritual forces in the sense of a consistently holistic encounter.

Source: Allgäu Body School

Moxibustion (Moxa) – Heat & Energy

In China, moxibustion is respected as a form of therapy on a par with acupuncture. It is possible that moxibustion – or moxa therapy – is older than and precedes acupuncture. During Moxing, specific acupuncture points and areas of the body are treated with heat by burning ragweed. The heat affects the depths of the body and the flow of chi, the life energy in the body's energy channels. The smoke of the herb moves the energy strongly.

Forms of application

Depending on the complaint, different forms of mugwort are used in moxibustion:

Mox cigar

Mugwort pressed into a cigar shape, the glowing tip is passed over the body (without touching).

Moxa cones (glue moxa)

Self-adhesive small mugwort cones on a cardboard plate are stuck directly to the skin. Because of the distance and the cardboard plate, there is absolutely no risk. This process is also suitable for home use.

Loose moxa herb

During the very energizing application, loose moxa herb is burned in a cone shape on a bed of salt. The resulting pleasant warmth and negative ions improve the state of the overall energy.

Moxa box

A wooden box in which moxa is burned on a grid at a safe distance from the body. This allows heat to be generated over a large area. Particularly suitable for treating female complaints (PMS) and lower back pain.


Moxibustion is usually used as part of Shiatsu therapy and usually lasts around 15-30 minutes.

This form of therapy produces smoke, so after moxibustion you will always be ventilated briefly while you are still covered and relaxing.

Moxa therapy is particularly recommended for:

Cold discomfort

Pain, especially in the lower back

Women's suffering

Lack of energy, exhaustion

Chronic complaints

Download1 Shiatsu study final report

Downlod2-Shiatsu Systematic Evidence Review Complete

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