Who am I?


About Johannes Oliver

"I will accompany you to your strengths and show you how to master challenges yourself." – John Oliver

My perception, intuition and inner strength come into play when finding solutions. Various methods lead to the desired solutions.

Accompaniment to self-awareness or meditation supports the analysis of the topic.
Further development can occur through transformation of the analyzed topic.

Those who know others are wise.
Those who know themselves are wise.
Those who defeat others have strength.
Those who defeat themselves are strong.
Those who prevail has will.
He who is sufficient for himself is rich.
Whoever does not lose his place has permanence.
Whoever does not perish even in death lives.
Laotse (6. or 4th - 3rd century BC)

I enjoyed various international training in energy and body work and am a qualified Shiatsu therapist.

Shiatsu, Master Empty Touch (Quantum Shiatsu) and complementary medical training:

- www.oda-kt.ch- Organization of the working world Complementary Therapy OdA KT
- ESI European Shiatsu Institute
- The Shiatsu College
- Allgäu Body School
- Ko School for Shiatsu
- Academy for Complementary Therapy
- HPS Lucerne
- Phoenix School for Complementary Therapy

Eidg . dipl eMBA FH, / dipl. Shiatsu therapist
Master Empty Touch (Quantum Shiatsu) 
Complementary therapist with industry certificate Oda KT - Shiatsu method
Trance Healer / Energy Master / Medium / Trainer / Coach
Healing Touch of Animals< br />Further training in strategy and innovation management


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